Thursday, October 14, 2010

Broomstick Lace – Never heard of it…..

I have dabbled in knitting (scarves and one rather ill-fitting beanie), used a sewing machine for the first time on Tuesday night and never tried my hand at crocheting – but I must admit I am inspired to give Broomstick Lace a try. I came across these images whilst blog surfing.
Image courtesy of Kootoyoo

Images courtesy of twoandsix
(If you have a moment check out Michelle @ twoandsix’s blog – the photographs are amazing – makes me want to knit again)

I think these cuffs are great – I’ll take one in each colour please!
And of course – if you are not inclined to get out your hooks and wool – you can always purchase ready-made broomstick lace goodies like this on etsy:
Neck warmer by Pipi Strelle Crochet

For those who want to give it a try – there are a number of short instruction video’s on you-tube. If you are brave enough - send me some photos!


  1. What an awesome technique I have never seen it before. Love it.

  2. Kylie - are you brave enough to give it a go???

  3. i do like the look of the broomstick lace. the cowl is so cool.

  4. I found you on Images of Broomstick Lace through Google. I love this bracelet and am also giving Broomstick crochet a first time that look.



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